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Alpe Resy to Theodulpass

Previous Day July 28th 2007
Start time: 7:30
Arrival time: 14:45
Duration: 7:15
Climb: 1620 m
Descent: 360 m
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The Rifugio G.B. Ferraro can also be recommended for breakfast. More choice than usual, fruit, yogurt, cereal and dark bread. Very delicious.

Since it was Saturday we decided to call the Rifugio del Teodulo and reserve two spots for the night. We were unable to get a room for ourselves, only spots in the 'big room' were left so we took 2 of those.

We left at 7:30 and first descended about 200 meters to Alpe Fiery where we began our long ascent to the Colle superiore delle Cime Bianche. On the way we encountered several pretty looking ruins from earlier settlements. In the background you can see the Grand Tournalin (3379m).
Steep, but at least there are some flowers.
Not all houses were ruins, this one still seemed to be used for cattle.
When we got higher, we got better views of the Ventinaglacier.
The creek running down the Courtod valley. The flat meadow behind it is Alpe Mase (2400m).
There were a lot of cows on Alpe Mase but the climb following it apparently deterred them from going higher.
Another view of the Ventinaglacier.
Just before the pass, we reached the 'Gran Lago'.
It had a beautiful, blue-green color and turned out to be part of the last scenic area of the day. When we crossed the pass and entered the ski-resort of Breuil-Cervinia the scenery turned quite horrible. The area looked like a huge construction site and most of the buildings resembled concrete bunkers. We continued down to the Lago Cime Bianche and then resumed climbing to the Theodulpass and the Rifugio del Teodulo.
Even though the view to the east towards the Gornerglacier, Breithorn and Kleines Matterhorn was quite nice, the Rifugio was a disappointment. There was no water for washing hands, food was dismal (except for the cheese) and the 'big room' was a 25 square meter bunk bed hell fully occupied with 19 people. The Rifugio was overbooked that night and some guests even had to sleep in the staircase.
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