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Phakding To Namche Bazaar

Previous Day September 28th 2008
Start: Phakding, 2600 m, 8:15
Arrival: Namche Bazaar, 3450 m, 13:35
Duration: 5:20
Breaks: 1:10 in Mondzo, 10 minutes en route to Namche
Estimated climb: 1100 m
Estimated descent: 250 m
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On our second day we left at 8:15, crossed the Dudh Koshi and headed north towards Toktok, a village named after the sounds made by brass-working which used to be very popoular here. We passed a small water power plant on the way but did not see any smiths in the village. Further along, on the way to Bengkar, we passed several waterfalls.
At 9:45 we arrived in Mondzo and had a second breakfast in a lodge which we left again at 10:55.
Between Mondzo and Jorsale at the entrance to Sagarmatha National Park there is another checkpoint and we had to show our passports and TIPS cards again.
Just behind the checkpoint, there is a gap in a cliff with a portal leading to a staircase down to Jorsale which is right on the Dudh Koshi.
From Jorsale it is a little more than a kilometer to the river fork below Namche where the valley splits up towards Thame to the west and Phortse to the northeast. The path crosses the eastern fork of the river on a suspension bridge high above the water.
On the other side of the bridge, there is a nice spot overlooking the fork.
After the bridge, the ascent to Namche begins in earnest. It is quite steep and we decided to take a 10 minute break at a popular resting place. Just before Namche there is another police checkpoint. Namche looks like a huge amphitheatre with houses arranged on the hillsides above the village centre.
The weather had gotten cloudier, so we were glad to make it to our lodge, the Hotel Everest before it started to rain. We had a very good lunch and did our laundry.
The hotel was quite busy and we met a lot of nice people in the evening, including Ruth and Muki. They were also planning an acclimatization day and would stay another night.
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