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Thame To Lunghde

Previous Day October 2nd 2008
Start: Thame, 3800 m, 8:30
Arrival: Lunghde, 4350 m, 12:40
Duration: 4:10
Breaks: 1 hour lunch break in Machermo
Estimated climb: 650 m
Estimated descent: 100 m
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We had planned a relatively short section for today. Lunghde is the last small village before Renjo La and is not too far away from Thame. We left at 8:30 and crossed an old moraine before we got a view of the valley leading north towards Lunghde. The village on the left is called Thamo Teng. This section of the Bhote Koshi valley also still shows marked signs of the 1985 flash flood.
A large stupa just before Thamo Teng.
After about 1:30 we approached the village on the left called Tarnga.
At 10:45 we reached Machermo and decided to have early lunch before heading up the somewhat steeper trail to Lunghde. We stopped at the Namaste Lodge. The living room of the house was also used to serve guests and the two young boys of the house consumed at least a third of our popcorn.

After about one hour we continued up to Lunghde which was closer by than expected, it only took us 55 minutes to get there. We first entered a lodge at the northern end of the village but the host was quite old, hard of hearing and unable to take food orders so Bhim took us to a different lodge a little bit down hill.

In the afternoon we met two guys from Germany and Denmark who had tried to get as close as possible to Khumbu La, the pass leading up to Tibet. The path had been blocked by 3 landslides which were very tricky to cross so they decided to turn around. Later a tired group of hikers arrived who had come over Renjo La.

We went to bed quite early and had some trouble sleeping. Again, I had a very mild headach which was gone in the morning.
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