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Previous Day October 15th 2008
Start time: Lukla, 2780 m, 8:10
Arrival time: Lukla, 2780 m, 9:30
Duration: 1:20
Breaks: 5 minutes before turning around
Estimated climb: 200 m
Estimated descent: 200 m
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We had planned to head up the trail to Zetra La for a while, picnic there and then turn back to Lukla to pass our time, but soon after we left I felt a bit sick and we decided to turn back. I went back to bed and read for most of the day while Irene took a look at the local gompa and did some shopping. In the afternoon Bhim came by and invited us to his house to meet his family. He has 3 kids and we were also joined by two relatives of his wife. We were offered popcorn, delicious milk tea and hot chocolate but I declined the soup due to my stomach issues. We chatted a bit and I took some pictures of the family which they were eager to inspect on the camera display.
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