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Namche Bazaar To Lukla

Previous Day October 14th 2008
Start: Namche Bazaar, 3450 m, 7:40
Arrival time: Lukla, 2780 m, 14:40
Duration: 7:00
Breaks: 30 minutes at the Jorsale checkpoint, 1:40 lunch break in Phakding
Estimated climb: 530 m
Estimated descent: 1200 m
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We left Namche Bazaar at 7:40 after buying some pastries to go. Just below the village we had to check out at the police post. The steep section down to the river was strenous even downhill but at least it took far less time. We arrived at the Jorsale checkpoint at 9:20, checked out there as well and ate the cinnamon rolls we had bought in Namche Bazaar before continuing on at 9:50.
Mani stones in Bengkar.
Yaks drinking at a water place between Bengkar and Tok Tok.
Prayer flags and a pony caravan carrying cheese through Phakding.
A maoist-made portal welcoming trekkers to the 'New Nepal'.
We arrived in Phakding at 11:00 and returned to the Green Village Lodge which we had stayed in on the way up. Apparently the daughter of the house was at school which meant that, while the food was still very good, service was very. We met a couple from Australia who had started their trek in Jiri and swapped stories for a while so it was not really a problem to wait for our food for so long.
At 12:40 we left Phakding and started on the last leg of our hike.
A house at the bridge over the Thadokoshi.
We arrived in Lukla at 14:40 and went to the Khumbu Lodge where we had booked a room for the next night. We were the only guests but the room they offered us was quite dirty so we started to pack. They then showed us in another room which was better and we ended up staying.

In the afternoon we headed out to the airport since I was curious about the airplane crash we had heard about in Gorak Shep. At the side of the runway on a gravel lot we saw parts of the crashed aircraft. There were a lot of burn marks and the body of the plane was missing. An investigation into the accident has been started but I have not been able to find any results. Official statements made after the crash talked about bad visibility. The plane hit the ground a little low and left of the runway.
This image shows a group of people standing at the crash site (where there is some smoke rising).
The Lukla runway is 480 meters long. This picture shows a Do 228 approaching for landing.
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