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Mattmark to Moropass

Last Day July 22nd 2007
Start time: 15:40
Arrival time: 18:20
Duration: 2:40
Climb: 675 m
Descent: 70 m
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We left Zurich in the morning and took the post-bus to the Mattmark dam just outside of Saas-Almagell. Its crest is at an altitude of 2203 meters.
From there it's a pleasant walk of about 3 km along either side of the lake, and right from the start there is a view towards the Moropass. One can even make out the silhouette of the golden Madonna on the pass. At the end of the lake, the path starts to climb.
The first half, up to Tälliboden is very moderate and we saw the first marmot on the way. After taking a short food break, we continued up. The second half is steeper and the path becomes quite rocky. We also had to cross two small snow fields.
When we arrived at the top it was partially cloudy and we got a closer look at the golden Madonna. From the top of the pass (2853m) one can see the terminus of the cable-way from Macugnaga and has to descend another 5-10 minutes to the Rifugio G. Oberto (2786m). The host was very friendly and served us delicious pasta with a mushroom cream sauce, cheese and pork followed by a fruit cake. During dinner we met a solo hiker from Hamburg and had a nice conversation with her. We were to meet her again the next evening. It was not very crowded and we had a room with 3 beds to ourselves. This Rifugio has running cold water and electricity but no showers.
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