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Hannigalp to Saas Fee

Previous Day August 2nd 2007
Start time: 7:15
Arrival time: 13:30
Duration: 6:15
Climb: 510 m
Descent: 830 m
First Day
We got up at 5:30 and it was raining. However, by the time we had finished packing and devoured part of the humongous breakfast, the sun started to show and we took off at 7:15.

Shortly after turning into the Saas valley, we walked around a rock outcrop and scared an ibex which was standing on the path only about 5 meters away from us. It snorted loudly and took off, only to come back from behind and eye us curiously.
After about 2 hours clouds started to move in and we got into a thunderstorm. Fortunately it was not very strong and moved on quickly.
Flowers after the thunderstorm.
The weather did not clear fully after the storm and we continued towards Saas Fee at a brisk pace.
More clouds over the Weissmies.

We arrived at Saas Fee just in time to catch the 13:45 bus to Stalden and Brig. I got off at Stalden to pick up our gear from the Zermatt train station and rejoined Irene in Brig for our train ride home. The Tour Monte Rosa was an exceptional experience and I can definitely recommend it. Some of the days are quite tough so packing lighter than we did might be a good idea.
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